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Edge material is available in 1220mm x 3000mm sheets. It is applied like a regular laminate. Cut the edge material to oversize strips, and sand the back with 320 grit sandpaper to ensure adhesion. Then follow the step by step instructions pictured below.


  • If you are using edge material on a curved application, you may need to apply gentle heat with a heat gun.

  • If you are fabricating with a dark color Luxsurface, you must use the recommended Mowhawk stain for that particular Luxsurface color in order to minimize the glue line. The stain must be applied after polishing with the white compound. Allow the stain to dry for 2-5 minutes, and then complete the final polishing step using the grey compound.

  • To remove any excess compound, or to clean your Luxsurface we recommend using a microfiber cloth with spray cleaner Menzerna “Top Inspection” or Meguiars “Final Touch”.

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