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If using glue to fabricate Luxsurface product, we recommend the use of melamine adhesives and various wood adhesives to glue MDF or phenolic sheets to other surfaces. Because of the non porous nature of Luxface we do not recommend water based adhesives. You should always pre-test the adhesive that you are going to use with a small cut off piece of Luxsurface material. Be sure to follow glue manufacturers directions and required conditions.

You may use a vacuum press or a cold press to fabricate with Luxsurface, but not a heated press. If in the event that you do leave an impression on the Luxsurface material, simply use a heat gun and constantly move the heated air gently over the impression and it will return the surface back to its intended look. Do not create high temperature conditions by leaving the heat source over any area for an extended period of time.

Our phenolic substrate is flexible. If you need increased flexibility, you may use a heat gun and position the Luxsurface over a guide structure as pictured below. Gentle heat should only be used. Be sure to constantly move the heat gun and spread it evenly so as not to use excessive amounts of heat. Do not use a heated press when fabricating.

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