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All LUXSURFACE® products are cast by hand and are self leveling. Therefore all panels will contain undulations and irregularities on the surface, and will display multiple shades throughout a sheet. All products have a natural porous appearance quality just like those which are present in natural stone, marbles and various decorative woods. These pores, although visible to the eye, will not compromise the bond with the substrate beneath. The hand made, natural processes ensure that no two sheets will be exactly alike. Our LUXFACE products have been sold worldwide for over seven years. All of our testing reports offered are issued by independent official third party to meet national and various international requirements.

LUXSURFACE® warrants any product it has manufactured and sold against defects in materials for a period of 1 year from the date of original purchase. This warranty is not intended and does not cover damage of failure caused by: misuse, abuse or accidents, exposure to extreme temperature, improper installation, improper maintenance and exposure to water, excessive humidity or continued exposure to direct sunlight.


We do not deliver the material until painting, wet work, grinding, and similar operations that could damage, soil, or deteriorate material have been completed installation. If material is stored prior to installation, store it flat and use protecting felt between panels.

If the material is stored with various different sized pieces, it should be stored on its side with the edge touching a cardboard surface with soft felt in between. Felt should always cover the entire surface between panels. If you have any queries about storage. Please contact [+86 21 54466616] or [].


Do not deliver or install material until the building is enclosed, wet work is complete and HVAC system is operating, so it will maintain temperature and relative humidity at occupancy levels during the remainder of the construction period.

Do not install until normal lighting conditions exist. ‘Normal lighting conditions’ are described as those in place when the project is finished. Walls, ceiling, floors and openings must be level, plumb, straight, in line and square before installation.

Do not expose materials in continuous direct sunlight, nor in extremes in temperature and humidity. Material shall be conditioned in the environment in which it will be installed for a minimum of 72 hours prior to installation. The recommended environment is 24℃ and 45% relative humidity. Do not install materials until conditions have been maintained and stabilized so that material is plus or minus 1.0% of optimum moisture content from date of installation through the remainder of construction period.


① Patterns are available in any color. We accept these color references: Pantone, Dulux, or an existing LUXSURFACE® color number.
② For custom patterns, provide us with a CAD, jpg or some images else.
③ We don’t stock samples, so allow 1-2 weeks for production.
④ To order samples, please call [+86 21 54466618] or email [], [].
⑤We do not charge for samples, we only require that shipping costs are covered.


① Please offer the pattern & color that is detailed on the back of each sample.
② Sometimes the patterns have a direction. You will need to specify this if applicable.
③ We need to know project name and location, and design firm name and location.
④ Let us know what substrate you require and in what thickness.
⑤ You need to state the application of the product being ordered. This must be
accompanied by any relevant dimensions, and detailed drawings for those items.
⑥ We require 50% deposit payment with order confirmation, and 50% balance
payment prior to shipment. Payments are payable by T/T or cash. We do not accept credit cards.
⑦ As our material is hand made to order, lead time will vary depending on the
quantity and complexity of your order, and our current production schedule. Allow for at least 2-4 weeks.
⑧ To order samples, please call [+86 21 54466618] or email [], [].
⑨ Our quotation does not include packaging and shipping. We are glad to obtain a shipping quote for you from our third party shipper. We are not liable for any associated imported taxes or duties on overseas orders.

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