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LUXSURFACE® is a special hand-made resin panel. It shows various delicate & applied decorative effects. LUXSURFACE® material is consisted of two different parts that respectively called surface layer (2mm) and substrate. Obviously, the surface layer is hand cast resin. But the substrate includes MDF, aluminum honeycomb, acrylic, and phenolic material. The resin layer is cast in several different processes directly onto various substrates according to clients’ requests. As a matter of fact, the resin layer forms a solid structural bond with the substrates, creating a kind of stable composite material. As the brand we named, LUXSURFACE® is a high-end product presented designers’ luxury and modest concept.

Substrate Substrate Thickness(mm) Aggregate Thickness(mm) Entire Fire Rating
MDF waterproof 10 & 18 12 & 20 Class B
MDF fireproof 10 & 18 12 & 20 Class A
Acrylic 10 12 Class C
Aluminum Honeycomb 10 12 Class A (ASTM E84)
Phenolic 1 3 Class B (UL Rating)


Totally five techniques(KCD, LNX, CAL, EMB, IMG) are carefully used to create our different patterns. As stone and wood existed around the earth, no two panels are ever the same. Over a large it will have numerous shades and tones, and the surface will have undulations as well as tiny pores. Most important, they are handmade products with royal visual experience.

(1) KCD: carve by CNC machinery, strong third dimension and tactile sensation when you touch or appreciate it.

(2) LNX: line casting, smooth surfaces

(3) CAL: line casting, relief surfaces

(4) EMB: embossment

(5) IMG: varies graphic


Luxsurface is a unique hand cast resin products for different decorative effectiveness. The back materials include MDF, PHE, ALH, VEX. As it cures, the back materials forms a solid structure, producing a stable composite materials.

(1) MDF: middle density fiberboard

— Two types, water resistant and US class A fire rated.

— Contain pre-consumer recycled fiber and potential LEED credit support.

— Can be used for wall paneling, table tops, shelving, cabinetry.

— AWI standard for sealing.

(2) PHE: phenolic panel

— Thin and flexible for curved and furniture applications.

— Can be used for curved structures, furniture, interior doors, cabinetry, cabinetry doors.

— Not recommended for wall paneling because of it is far difficult to adhere with standard woodworking methods to a large surface.

(3) ALH: aluminum honeycomb panel

— This is a relatively lightweight structure, it is US class A fire rated bake material and water resistent. It is a commended back material for wall paneling in environments which high humidity.

— Can be used for wall paneling, elevator wall panels, ceiling panels, various doors, high humidity areas

(4) VEX: thin resin panel without back material

— This material is flexible for curved applications. Can be used for covering any surface whatever large areas or small areas. Such as drawing fronts, doors, cabinetry pieces, wall paneling details, tables, shelving, ceiling panels, wall paneling, etc.


LUXSURFACE® is a firm, chemical resistant material and is therefore ideal for various interior furnishing and decorative applications such as feature wall, cabinetry, wall paneling, doors, kitchens, headboard, retail fixtures, elevator, lift lobby and furniture to include tables, counter-tops, cabinetry etc. So it is widely recommended to hospitality, casino, retail, private club, residential and other commercial projects.


All LUXSURFACE® materials are made according to clients’ order. We don’t have this in stock. A normal lead time will range from 2 to 6 weeks if a large quantity order would take longer. In order to confirm the individual lead time, we will note it on each quotation. Our company supplies one standard size, 1220mm×3000mm (4ft × 10ft). However, we can cut into small pieces fit for the project’s needs before delivery.

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