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So what is Metalier?

It is a decorative metal coating.   Metalier is a cold-spray composite decorative metal coating that allows you to make any substrate look as though it is solid metal.  

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How Many Coats Are Needed?

For some applications only one coat of Metalier metal coatings is required. A second coat is always required with a textured finish to give a good bond, and with a

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The inspirations of 3D-Lux

Luxface 3D Lux is a new type of transparent material with three-dimensional ripple effect through innovative 3D casting process of resin. Also a custom design concept, our unique three-dimensional casting

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The Ultra-thin resin surface

Our technical team has research and develop a new kinds of material,the surface has been deduced to 0.3mm thickness,and also our fire-proof level has been improved to A2 levels.More patterns

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